midnighttrainofwanderlust-deact asked: "I was thinking today, that should Lucifer ever be freed from the cage again for one reason or another, that Sam would automatically become his vessel again, right? Because an angel only needs one yes if I remember correctly and if that happens then with everything else the way it is now, then end!verse is massively possible, given the door can be opened again.."

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Anonymous asked: "There were so many allusions to Future!Cas on this last episode. I'm worried it actually is going to happen now. I love Future!Cas, but to actually watch Cas become that would be so hard. I don't know if I want it anymore."

i’ve been thinking about this a lot, actually, and i’m not really sure what to think anymore with this whole future!cas/mad!cas parallel shebang

because, like, future!cas is the way he is because of a combination of loss, falling, and a shit-ton of substance abuse, right?

but mad!cas is the way he is for much different reasons. falling, yeah, but also the situations that led him to falling. they’re different now than they were in s4 and s5.

i still think endverse as endgame would be really interesting (even though it seems to have been refuted by ~word of god~, finally. sigh.) but i think there’s a disconnect between future!cas and mad!cas, definitely. they’re similar but wildly different, at the same time, if that makes sense.


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Whatever you do, you will always end up here. Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up here.

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This will always be the end.

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